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More This. Less That. is an online space designed and curated to be enjoyed at a slower pace, somewhere to discover new ethical brands and to appreciate the responsibility that has gone into building a responsible business model. We offer several spaces to advertise your brand across our homepage, newsletter and social media platforms - prices quoted are per month. We also offer advertorial opportunities within our journal and on Instagram stories.



  • Brand Box: A dedicated space on the homepage with an image and short bio that links back to your site

  • Round-up Blog Post: The opportunity to have your product included in a round-up blog post on our journal

  • Dedicated Blog Post: A journal piece entirely dedicated to a story around your brand


£100 per month

£50 for a one-off inclusion

£200 one-off feature

We currently get 1k visitors per month to our site. Whilst our homepage is a place to browse and discover new brands, we use our journal to offer product recommendations and to get to know the people and stories behind the brands.


  • Full Width Banner: Space for an image and accompanying text with links out to your site

  • Product Image: Have your product included in our round-up of favourite pieces. Image and title linking back out to your site


  • £100 for one off feature

  • £50 for one-off feature

Our newsletter has an average open rate of 61% and a CTR of 27%.

We have a growing list of engaged subscribers who we regularly receive positive feedback from.


  • Instagram Grid Post: 1 Dedicated Instagram post with accompanying caption outlining your brand, tagging and mentioning your Instagram account

  • Instagram Stories Post: 3 Dedicated stories slides with multiple images and opportunity to further outline your brand


  • Starting from £50

  • Starting from £75

We have 2.6k followers on Instagram and an engaged audience.