Antibad seeks to bring style and substance together to change the perception of sustainable fashion. They are about having fun with fashion, without damaging anything else. They are anti-bad quality and design, and anti-fast fashion.

Antibad was founded by Agatha Lintott in 2017 after she left her career in the luxury fashion industry. She wanted to create a space that celebrates fashion as something to love and last, not throw away after one wear. Somewhere to source pieces you will love now, and wear for a long time to come.

Their business model is based on transparency - from ethical banking to carbon neutral shipping. They research where their products come from and make sure that every item is entirely sustainable, made in an eco-friendly way, in a fair trade environment.

Antibad specialise in fun, vibrant pieces with a retro inspired look and feel. Agatha has curated a host of really exciting brands that feel young and fresh.

Based in: UK

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