Babaa Knitwear

Babaà makes quality, everyday knitwear that is designed to last.

Every piece is sourced and made in Spain to support the local textile industry. The wool from northern Spain is compiled, spun and dyed by Spanish artisans, as is most of their cotton, which comes from Andalucia in the south of the country. Babaà work very closely with their knitters and yarn providers and benefit from their expertise.

Babaà care about what they produce and how they produce it. All the materials they use are 100% natural, which means yarns are not mixed in with acrylics or other synthetic fibres. Better quality material means warmer, longer lasting clothes that even improve with wear.

Babaà make pieces for men, women and children. Comfort is key, with designs ranging from oversized cardigans and cosy jumpers to lightweight tank tops.

Based in: Spain

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