Bashō Skincare

Bashō Skincare are a collection of natural, plant based oils crafted by two women in Cornwall, that seek to encourage a greater harmony between skin & self.

Basho Skincare believe that nature can provide our skin with everything it needs to stay healthy, fortified and radiant, so ingredients are plant based, and where possible, organic. With intention and integrity behind every decision they make, their products are simple and full of goodness. 

Their 5 everyday face oils have been thoughtfully tailored to work gently and harmoniously with all skin types, whether dry, troubled, or oily. Natural ingredients such as grapefruit, mandarin, rosemary and ho leaf will provide you with essential vitamins and minerals to hydrate, stabilise and replenish your skin.

Basho Skincare design their products to harmonise with the natural cycles of our bodies and also provide accompanying knowledge in their beautiful journal to help us better understand what happens to our skin over each month, season and lifetime, so that we can respond with understanding and compassion.

Based in: UK

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