Birdsong work solely with women’s groups and charities in order to produce their clothing.

Sophie, Sarah and Susanna, the three creatives behind Birdsong, follow the motto of “no sweatshop, no photoshop”. Aware that 92% of women’s charities in the UK had faced funding cuts or crisis since 2010, they recognised a growing need for these groups to find a sustainable source of income. Enter Birdsong. All the women they work with are paid a London living wage and have access to a range of holistic support.

Their organic cotton tees are embroidered by a community sewing school in Bow and the money raised from the t-shirts will go towards sewing lessons for women with low income and people with disabilities.

Stylish, flattering and easy to wear, Birdsong’s beautiful clothes are by women, for women.

Based in: UK 

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