Bread & Roses

Helping refugee women flourish through employment. Bread and Roses is a social enterprise which trains refugee women in floristry and in the process provides them with the space to learn English, develop skills and build their confidence.

Set up in 2016, the company takes its name from a political slogan coined back in 1912 by Rose Schneiderman, a pioneering American socialist and feminist. In a famous speech, Schneiderman argued that women working in low-paid jobs need more than just the basics (the bread) to survive - they deserve dignity, respect and the opportunity to flourish (the roses) too. Since then, 'bread and roses' has become symbolic of the struggle of working women to achieve better pay and dignified conditions.

Bread and Rose’s mission is: to empower women and support them into jobs where they feel valued. They run regular training programmes, during which you’re able to order beautiful bouquets from their shop.

Based in: UK

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