Bug Clothing

Bug Clothing produces linen easy-wear for women. All of their garments are designed and made in London’s Hackney as consciously as possible. 

Using only natural fibres as the foundation of their garments, each piece varies slightly as they are handmade on a very small scale. The fabrics are locally sourced, end of rolls; making use of the excess from commercial textile manufacturing.

Bug Clothing believe that your clothes should be purposeful without faulting on style. They want you to be able to move and live comfortably so they design garments that are simple and made to be worn for years to come.

Founder Amy ensures her designs can be worn by all women, and gives great sizing advice to ensure that your Bug pieces will fit you perfectly. As her production is small scale she is also able to make certain adjustments to tailor your pieces to you. Stock is often limited but always comes in a range of beautiful colours. If you’d rather try before you buy, you can often find Bug popping up in independent shops around the UK.

Based in: UK 

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