Emily & Khadi

Emily & Khadi is a sustainable, ethical clothing range, made with what is known as as the least harmful fabric – Khadi, a name which means handspun and handwoven.

Although the material can be made from cotton, silk or wool, Emily & Khadi pieces are woven only from cotton. The Khadi cotton used for E&K is sourced from a municipal, South Indian town, from a non profit organisation working towards sustainable living. The women who weave the Khadi are paid a proper living wage and any profit made from the fabric is poured straight back into the organisation and towards running their various initiatives, including an adoption agency for abandoned children & skill teaching programmes for the local community. The dyes used to colour the Khadi are made from completely natural fermented elements, using ancient techniques. The black is made from jaggery & iron, the red from alizarin, the brown from Betelnut

Founder Emily Dymond discovered both the fabric and the organisation after a chance conversation, and upon visiting the organisation fell in love with the fabric, the people of the organisation and the whole philosophy of Khadi. Within a matter of days she had thought up her first designs and found a local tailor. From shirts, smocks and coats, these unique, everyday pieces for men and women are designed to be lived in and cherished for years to come.

Based in: UK

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