Essence + Alchemy

Inspired by the elements of fire, water, air and earth, Essence + Alchemy’s sustainable scented goods are handcrafted with honesty and transparency.  

Founder, Lesley Bramwell started out as an Environmental Scientist and after experimenting for many years with botanicals and essential oils for their well-being properties, began this new venture by making natural candles in her kitchen. Essence + Alchemy brings together the natural scent and energy of plants (essence) and her scientific and environmental background (alchemy). 

Without compromising beauty and design, E+A packaging is carefully considered with reuse in mind. Glass containers are reminiscent of old laboratory ware, candle beakers are British made, handblown and very reusable. Branding is clean and simple using the colours and hues found in nature, the 4 elements and their alchemical symbols. 

Lesley’s candles are made using only natural ingredients and come in various sizes from tea lights to small and large beakers. Also available are incense sticks and aroma mists, perfect for cleansing your space.

Based in: UK

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