Kindred & Wild

Kindred + Wild make natural and organic beauty products for everyday use and rituals.

The business was born out of founder Mugdha Sapte’s own experiences with skin issues and the eventual holistic approach she discovered towards life and health. Mugdha’s inspiration is rooted in the concepts of herbal medicine.. 

The first collection of Kindred + Wild products is made from herbs and flowers which grow in the gardens, meadows and parks in the UK. You will have seen them and would recognise them and most likely use many of them to cook with, but somehow their virtues are lost on us. This is a celebration of the power of plants.

Kindred + Wild products are gentle, lightly fragrant and versatile. Oils can be used to cleanse, moisturise and on the scalp, whilst balms can be used for dry lips and skin as well as everyday cuts, burns and scrapes

Based in: UK

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