Mud Jeans

 MUD Jeans seek to combine organic and recycled denim with timeless design.

They want to show you how they can put the principles of the circular economy into practice. In the circular economy waste is seen as a source of growth to make something new. This has a positive environmental impact by cutting back on resource consumption. That’s why they create new jeans from their old jeans. All MUD Jeans contain post-consumer recycled denim and organic cotton. Currently their jeans contain 40% recycled content, however they aim to design jeans made of 100% recycled denim.

MUD Jeans stock denim for both men and women, including all the classic shapes from skinny, boyfriend, flare and straight. They are currently stocked in the UK at 69b Boutique (London), Brothers We Stand (Bristol) and The Fair Shop (Brighton) as well as stores throughout Europe.

Based in: The Netherlands

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