Paynter’s story is simple. They take iconic jacket styles and re-make them using the best materials they can find. Each jacket made is part of a limited edition run, and hand numbered in the order it’s sold.

The illustrated labels on the inside tell the story of that specific Batch, plus the details most brands would leave out. Every element of the jacket from the fabric to the buttons is carefully considered.

There are just 3 batches of 300 jackets sold a year, in order to focus on making the best product possible. The last batch sold out in minutes so make sure you’ll need to be signed up to the newsletter to be in with a chance of getting your hands on one. Jackets are cut to order and are limited to one per person.

The full story behind what inspired the brand and the efforts founders Huw and and Becky have made to perfect the creation of their jackets is well worth a read on their website.

Based in: UK


247 Hackney Road
E2 7SJ


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