Solid Wool

Solidwool was founded in 2013 by Justin and Hannah Floyd. Solidwool is a unique, composite material made from wool and bio-resin being used to make sturdy everyday products. Think fibreglass, but with wool.

Justin and Hannah’s small market town, once a thriving part of the woollen industry, had grown quiet as manufacturing had left. They figured that if they could find a new way of working with wool then perhaps they could bring some of this industry back.

Coarse wool from hill-farmed, upland sheep had dramatically lost its value and with demand declining, the wool was now considered almost worthless, a by-product of sheep farming. The plan: to take the unwanted and make it beautiful. Solidwool also collaborate with people, and companies, with purpose and a belief in doing good.

Solidwool stock a range of everyday products for your home, business or space. Taking classic design shapes, they are designed to last and made to cherish.

Based in: UK

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