This Way

This Way makes maps that show you the best way to escape in to the country side and encourage more people to venture outside.

The maps document unusual hidden places rather than the places often visited - they inspire a sense of travel and a desire to experience new things.

Unlike most maps that use a plastic coating This Way maps are made using recycled paper, thin enough to be lightweight but thick enough not to tear in the slightest wind. For particularly keen hikers, whose maps have been used over and over again, This Way will happily replace your map for free, so you can continue to explore in all seasons, for years to come.

This Way founders started making maps because they wanted to encourage others to spend more time outdoors. They now release maps as frequently as they can and work with different companies to design custom maps for their projects, events and spaces.

This Way maps make great and unique gifts for those with a love of the outdoors. You can even request custom maps designed for a location that’s special to you.

Based in: UK

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