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‘We wanted to build a space to enable and encourage others to connect with all the wonderful makers, artists and designers creating in an ethical and sustainable way.’


We met the modern way, (via Instagram) and bonded over a shared passion for ethical living.
More This. Less That. is our passion project.

Introduce yourself

R: Hi! I’m Rachael, I live and work in London as a social media editor. Come weekends you’ll usually find me at some sort of market hunting down a vintage bargain or two.

K: I always find this bit difficult so please bear with me. I am a 20 something living in London and working in the digital marketing industry. I have a keen interest in sustainability and the importance of our connection with nature.

What led you to More This. Less That.?

R: I’ve been trying to live more sustainably and ethically since university. I didn’t like that I was constantly buying new things and yet never satisfied with what I had. I wanted to buy with longevity in mind, and the poor quality and throwaway nature of the fast fashion industry didn’t fit with this. I started looking elsewhere for more ethical clothing that had been made with care, and that had been made to last. Instagram was a big turning point for me as it opened up a whole new world of independent brands and makers doing really innovative and admirable things. More This. Less That. was a way to unite them all together in one space, share the amazing things they’re doing and encourage more people to support them.

K: I have always liked the idea of creating an online space that could bring together the products/brands that I love whilst celebrating the stories behind them. I deliberated over an online shop, a magazine, a blog, the list goes on, but could never quite decide where to start. A few years ago I started being more conscious about the way I lived and realised that it can often be a lot harder than it looks. I found the biggest struggle to be finding the companies that shared my ethos for considered living. With the idea of an online space still in the back of my mind I decided that an ethical directory was the way forward.

What are your favourite ethical brands?

R:  Price remains a really important factor for me when it comes to ethical brands - I believe in investing in fewer, higher quality products - at a price that’s fair to the maker, but that is also within the means of the majority of consumers. I don’t want ethical living to be something elitist.

  • Fort Dungarees for their easy to wear, gorgeous stripy dungarees

  • AS Apothecary for their small batch, all-natural skincare

  • Aerende for their lovely homeware and the fact they do so much to support their makers who face barriers to conventional employment

K: It’s great to see that the list of brands to choose from is growing so quickly. My favourites change all the time but there a few that I have loved from the beginning..  

  • The Acey for their minimal yet elegant style

  • Kindred + Wild for Mugdha’s botanical yet not overly potent skincare

  • Millican for their thoughtfully made bags that work for backpacking around the world and day-to-day city life

What's your perfect getaway?

R: I love travelling to all sorts of places. I count myself very lucky to live in such a vibrant city as London but I also love being able to get away in the summer to warmer climes like Italy and France, to slow down and soak up that alfresco culture of sunshine, fresh fruit and veg from the market, late lunches and long lazy days on the beach.

K: Anywhere where I can be outdoors and exploring, ideally on the coast. I’ve never been good at sitting still and I relish trying to see places from a new point of view. One of my favourite places is Saunton Sands down in North Devon.

What are the 3 things you couldn't live without?

R: A good book, my camera and dark chocolate. I studied English at university and still love a good page turner, and getting lost in other people’s stories. Photography is my creative outlet, I’m trying to get better at taking photos of people, not just flowers and pretty doorways which I tend to be drawn to. Does dark chocolate needs an explanation?  

K: Coffee, my camera and the ocean. I’m a huge fan of good coffee, freshly ground and full of flavour, mornings just wouldn’t be the same without it. Photography is my creative outlet, I am terrible at leaving the house without my camera but I do try to occasionally. I grew up on the coast in Brighton. Swimming in the sea and walks along the shore on stormy days are two of my favourite things in the world.

You can find Rachael and Katherine on Instagram here and here

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