Is 'made to order' the way forward?

Via Lemeul MC

Via Lemeul MC

We’ve noted a shift recently in the way a lot of our favourite brands are operating - using a made to order approach in order to minimise waste and avoid over-production and sales. It’s refreshing to see brands slowing the manufacturing process back down to something that is the antithesis to the rails of excess clothing and endless sales we associate with the fast fashion industry.

As customers, there are a few reasons why we love the concept of made to order:

Because the item is made after you place your order, lots of brands will offer slight adjustments to their standard sizing meaning you can essentially tailor a garment to your specific requirements. We often overestimate the importance of fit but when something really fits you properly, chances are you’ll enjoy wearing it more and it will sit in your wardrobe for far longer. All That is Braw, whose flannel pyjamas are all made to order, can accommodate adjustments to the length or size of their options and invite customers to email them with any queries and requirements. Lemeul MC can also make pieces to specific measurements as well as offering bespoke creations and repairs for life.


Thanks to cheap prices and next-day delivery, we’ve quickly become disassociated with how our clothes are made and where they come from. Whilst made to order means having to wait for your purchase to be made (usually 2-3 weeks depending on the brand) this forces us to appreciate the time and skill that has gone into creating a garment that’s been made to last, not made to fall apart after 5 washes.

East London brand The Acey operate small made to order production runs with only enough fabric to make between 1-30 units of each design. Knowing that your garment is one of only a very small quantity increases our sense of value, plus chances of walking down the street or turning up to an event wearing the same outfit as someone else are minimal.

So next time you need to add to your wardrobe, why not consider supporting small scale made to order production from one of these brilliant brands. We’ve included them below so you can get to know them more easily.

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