Our favourite ethical and sustainable knitwear


We’re in transition from summer to winter wardrobes, sandals and bikinis have been put to the back of the cupboard and we’ve started digging out our favourite knitwear and winter boots. As the days grow colder, we look forward to fresh mornings spent at local markets, windy days at the beach and cosy bonfire nights. But none of these would be the same without our favourite knits. Whether it’s thrown on over a linen dress at the beginning of autumn or layered under a thick coat in the depths of winter, there’s nothing quite like the cosiness of a favourite knitted jumper.

One of our favourite places to fit knitwear is vintage or charity shops – there are some gems to be found. But, it’s not always easy to know the quality of the materials used when shopping second hand (unless you know the brand) or to find specific styles. So, if you’re after something specific here are a few of our favourite ethical and sustainable knitwear brands…

Babaa Knitwear

Babaà makes quality, everyday knitwear that is designed to last. They make pieces for men, women and children so are the perfect go-to for a family winter wardrobe. Comfort is key, their designs range from oversized cardigans to fitted jumpers and come in a wonderful array of colours. All the materials they use are 100% natural, which means yarns are not mixed in with acrylics or other synthetic fibres. Better quality material means warmer, longer lasting clothes that even improve with wear.

Every piece is sourced and made in Spain to support the local textile industry. The wool from northern Spain is compiled, spun and dyed by Spanish artisans, as is most of their cotton, which comes from Andalucia in the south of the country. Babaà work very closely with their knitters and yarn providers and benefit from their expertise.



Navygrey produce simple and timeless jumpers, in understated colours, inspired by well-made a 20 year old piece that beautifully stood the test of time. Their pieces are inspired by the past and created for today. The neutral colour scheme and subtle detailing make Navygrey pieces the ideal knitwear for work or smarter occasions.

Their core collection of classic, everyday essentials is consciously designed and underpinned by a commitment to sustainability. Their wool is handpicked from the best Merino sheep in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Each each raw fibre lot can be traced back to the farm that produced it. Each piece is washed, combed, dyed and spun in one of Italy's finest mills which has been in the wool business since 1663. They are then knitted & washed in a small factory in Portugal, near Porto.


The Knotty Ones

Modern-day knitwear designed by three friends who were struggling to find something a little more contemporary when it comes to an autumn/winter wardrobe. The Knotty Ones employ craftswomen to produce their knits and focus on reducing their impact on the environment wherever possible. They focus on individual pieces rather than collections when it comes to design; timeless pieces that will you see through the all of the seasons.

They have even set up a scheme that allows you to donate €10 directly towards funding of the dreams of the women they employ.



Counting Clouds

Everyday knitwear in beautiful earthy tones and neutral shades. Counting clouds design delicate yet functional knitwear that’s made to be worn for years to come. If you’re looking for something a lighter that can be layered as the winter arrives this is the brand to look at. In classic style, they value everyday beauty and the importance of manufacturing with locally sourced and sustainable materials.

Each piece is designed to tell a story and encourage you to be the best version of yourself. Counting Clouds make all of their knitwear in Spain in small, local workshops. Their collections are based around style not fashion.




Finisterre designs functional and sustainable knitwear for those that share a love of the coastline. Their hardy knitwear will keep you warm on even the coldest winter days. They have also recently released an eco-friendly fleece, in a similar style to the originial Patagonia design, that is made from recycled wool and recycled manmade fibres in a wool-rich blend.

From their cliff top workshop in St. Agnes, Cornwall they remain true to their founding commitments: product, environment and people. Finisterre are committed to making informed decisions about their impact on the environment and are constantly pushing boundaries to make the best product they can.



Sheep Inc.

The world’s first carbon-negative sweater. The unisex Sheep Inc. sweater is made using Japanese 3D knitting machines in Spain with yarn spun in Italy out of 100% New Zealand Merino wool.

The name is what it says on the tin – there is a sheep included with your purchase that is allocated to you once you’ve registered your sweater. Sheep Inc. also stands by a no-discount promise because they are all about buying less and buying better.



We hope our collection has helped on your journey to finding the perfect knit.

If you’ve recently discovered any ethical knitwear brands you think we’d love please do drop us a note. info@morethis.co.uk

All imagery belongs to the brands themselves.

Katherine Heath